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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Iphone 7,iphone 7 review,release date

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Iphone 7 release date

iphone 7 is the thiner iphone as compare to other i phone 7 release date 

more about iphone 7

it is the expected to be thinner than iPhone 6 , it is thinnest iPhone as compare other. apple lonuched hes next ios 9 with iphone 7 The next jeneration iPhone is to suport a larger and higher resolution screen.  iphone 7 relesing date is coming soon .This is an area of great contention as changing the resolution can cause major problems for developers to update their apps efficiently. It decided that 5.7" was that the ideal size, supporting resolution of the 1920x1080,  this is best that's 468ppi (change from 326ppi in the iPhone 5S).  iphone 7 features, specs, pro's, cons

i phone 7 review official video of iphone 7 by apple 

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