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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Top 5 best personal finance app For Android, iPhone

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Top 5 best personal finance app For Android, iPhone

If you are an iPhone user and you have probably shelled out hundreds for the phone itself, and you will spend thousands more in monthly AT&T bills over the course of your two-year contract. There are two ways to handle this:

1) Tell yourself that the expense is well worth it in. The value of all that entertainment and utility is just something you can't put a price on.

2) Get proactive and prove the expense was worth it. Use your new iPhone to save money and get back what you spent by saving on fees, interest rates, and financial missteps in all other areas of your life.

If you're of the latter inclination, here are the five best personal finance app for managing your money.

best-personal-finance-appMint.com Personal Finance from Mint.com (free): Sign up at Mint.com, and get their iPhone app free; or, just download it from the App Store. Mint corrals all your every-day money management accounts in one app: bank accounts, home and car loans, credit cards, IRAs, you name it. It doesn't just track them; it keeps your pass-codes so you can make payments or transfers. You can also use it for budgeting. No word on a spousal control feature; the technology's just not there yet. But for everything else, Mint's got your everyday finances covered.

best-personal-finance-appBloomberg Mobile by Bloomberg (free): Apple gave us a "Stocks" application with the working framework. They additionally gave us MacPaint. However, somebody concocted Photoshop in any case. Presently the huge young men are here. Fundamentally, this is a Bloomberg terminal in your iPhone. Monetary news, stock following, Bloomberg's incredibly famous investigation, laggers, pioneers - virtually everything a securities exchange application should be a market addict's initially click in the morning and the last one preceding bed.

PayPal from Paypal.com (free): Whereas Mint's function is to get all your financial pass-codes on your phone and manage financial accounts from there, PayPal's mission is the same as its website's: just turn the money into ones and zeroes and buy things electronically. The PayPal app gives you mobile access to your PayPal account. It's a handy way to always have an electronic wallet with you for online and (occasionally) on-site purchases. But get on board now; it's only a matter of time before the PayPal logo shows up on the door of your local pizza joint.

best-personal-finance-appBillminder by return-7 LLC ($0.99): Finance 101: pay things on time, and you don't pay late fees. This is basic stuff, and Billminder is a basic app. It keeps a bill calendar, you can track a large amount of the all bills you owe each month, remembers those you have paid and or not paid, and they give you alerts. Exports to Excel, works with Pocketmoney, blah blah blah. Bottom line: you forget. It doesn't.

best-personal-finance-appPocket Money by Catamount ($4.99): This is like Mint, but without the connectivity. That means without pass-codes, and therefore without the nagging suspicion that some kid might get tired of hacking a HALO knockoff and take out a second mortgage on your condo instead. Track your accounts, visualize at a glance where you're blowing the family budget, all from the privacy of your own phone. Never really trusted e-money? In Pocket Money, you track all your financial information, then hoards it.

Poke around the web or the App Store if you have a special need. Want to locate ATMs or figure out the tip at dinner? Those apps are legion. Certain banks like Bank of America offer company-specific apps as well. But treat yourself to some of the best of the breed, above. Your balance will thank you.

So Above are the best personal finance app for you.you can easily download them from itunes or play store.
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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

iPhone X Price and Review, Full Specs and features

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iPhone X Price and Review, Full Specs and features


Apple is celebrating his 10 anniversary with launching of special edition of new iphone X.First of all, the whole new Iphone X looks like no other previous iphone. It doesn't look like an main iPhone that wee seen regularly.like On the front and it's was screen head to foot that was the best part of that iphone x.and this poit is create a to much attraction on iphone x.

Second newest feature in iphone x was Secure Authentication. you can now unlock your phone just showing your face in front of phone the can detect you face and unlock the phone.

"iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus full Review, Comparison, Pros and Cons"


With the new iPhone X, the phone is the display. and  all new 5.8‑inch Super Retina display fills all the hand and dazzles to the eyes.The most beautifull glass ever in this smartphone, front and back. all are cover with Surgical‑grade stainless steel.iphone x comes with Wireless charging. iphone x was fully Water and dust resistance.

iPhone X Full Specs and features

  • 1125x2436 OLED Designed for iPhone X
  • iphone x has the new A11 Bionic, comes with 3 gigs of RAM
  • Innovative Technology
  • Super Retina Display
  • TrueDepth Camera
  • Intuitive Gestures
  • Secure Authentication
  • Facial Mapping
  • Portrait Mode Selfies
  • Portrait Lighting
  • live Animoji
  • iphone x has dual 12-megapixel cameras in rear.
  • No Home Button
  • Wireless charging
  • AirPower mat to charge your phone
  • play the AR games in Augmented Reality plateform.
  • fully Water-resistant
  • stereo speaker
  • OS iOS 11

iPhone X Price


iphone x cot was very high company said that the  new iphone x cost was 999$ (us).but may be company decrease there price in future.The new apple iPhone X will price according to storage is , starting from £999 for the 64GB storage version and its going up for threre  £1,149 for the 256GB storage variant.

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iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus full Review, Comparison, Pros and Cons

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iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus full Review, Comparison, Pros and Cons


Finally Apple CEO tim cook was launched brand new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8.In India iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 launching on  September 29.the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are the new generation of the iPhone that can improve everything we love about iPhone.here we can Discuss about iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus full Review, Comparison, Pros and Cons so lets get starting.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Comparison


The new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus was comes with very exciting features but something is similar to Iphone 7 and Iphone 7 plus,if we talk about the Screen of the both iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus that was amazing.The new 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch Retina HD sreen with the expansion of True Tone alter the white adjust of the show to coordinate the encompassing light for a more characteristic, paper-like review involvement. The energetic wide shading array Retina HD show offers the best shading precision in the industry. Updated stereo speakers are up to 25 percent louder and convey further bass, empowering wealthier sounding music, recordings and speakerphone calls.

The Apple can improve the camera quality of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.Apple said,photos that you adding now come with better detail, texture of the even as the iPhone 8 Comes with 12-megapixel camera, and the iPhone 8 Plus comes with a duo of 12-megapixel camera sensors. Among other new capabilities,Both iPhone's can shoot 1080p videos in 240 frames per second.

highlights a six-center CPU outline with two execution centers that are 25 percent faster and four effectiveness centers that are 70 percent quicker than the A10 Fusion, offering industry-driving execution and vitality productivity. Another, second-era execution controller can harness every one of the six centers at the same time, conveying up to 70 percent more noteworthy execution for multi-strung workloads, giving clients more power while giving a similar extraordinary battery life. A11 Bionic likewise incorporates an Apple-composed GPU with a three-center outline that conveys up to 30 percent quicker illustrations execution than the past era. This poweer awsome, mind blowing new machine learning, AR applications and immersive 3D games.

Designed for a Wireless Future The glass back in of iphone was design to enables a world-class best wireless charging solution. the Wireless charging technology works with the established Qi ecosystem, counting two new remote charging mats from Belkin and mophie, accessible from apple.com and Apple Store.

"iPhone X Price and Review, Full Specs and features"

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus come with all new iOS 11, tha provide awsome feature incredible advancements on the Portrait mode, while there new effects your Live Photos more crazy and expressive.

iPhone 8 Features and Specification

  • The new 4.7-inch Retina HD sreen.
  • Processor is hexa-core 
  • 7-megapixel Front camera
  • Rear Camera was 12-megapixel
  • Resolution of Iphone 8 was 750x1334 pixels
  • New OS iOS 11
  • 64GB Internal Storage

iPhone 8 Plus Features and Specification

  • Big HD Display 5.50-inch
  • Processor was hexa-core
  • Iphone 8 plus provide Front Camera 7-megapixel
  • And Rear Camera was 12-megapixel
  • Resolution of Iphone 8 + was 1080x1920 pixels
  • new OS iOS 11
  • comes with Storage 64GB
iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus
now lets talk about price.Apple new iPhone 8 price was Rs 64,000 in india for the 64GB storage of the iPhone 8.For 256GB storage cost is Rs 77,000.Apple set iPhone 8 Plus price in india was starts at Rs 73,000 for 64GB storage and Rs 86,000 for 256 GB storage.

So this is all you need about iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus full Review, Comparison, Pros and Cons etc,hope you like this submit you review or query in comments box.and get a chance to win iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus by giving best review on comment box.
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Monday, April 3, 2017

Apple iPhone 6s Prices in India | Apple iPhone 6s Specification and Review, Pros and Cons, Comparison

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Apple iPhone 6s Prices in India | Apple iPhone 6s Specification and Review, Pros and Cons, Comparison 


Apple will be now launched their Brand new smartphone iPhone 6s.Here We Talk About iPhone 6s Prices in India | Apple iPhone 6s Specification and Review, Pros and Cons, Comparison.iPhone 6s Come with Awesome new features like there camera, Display, Design. And a new feature that was 3D Touch  Display that feature of 3D Display iPhone now sense that how can you deeply press the screen to open up.The new possibilities for how can you interact with your content and letting you do all kinds of essential things very quickly and more simply.Iphone 6s Come with more  Features like their 4.7-inch Retina Full HD display. The iPhone 6s now comes  with 32GB & 128GB Storage. The available color was  Space Gray, Silver, Gold or Rose Gold it was great.In a Prvious day Apple will launch new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.here you see 

Apple iPhone 6s Specification

when we talk about there specification then first it was there Software and there Performance
Apple iPhone 6s  will run on iOS 9.0 operating system that was new OS of iPhone, and it is upgradable to iOS 9.3.2 via OTA updates that are provided by Apple. it will updatetable  on new IOS 10.The most advanced chipset ever in a smartphone is now will be present on iphone6s now features an integrated M9 motion coprocessor.iPhone 6 was the first iPhone that was come with 2GB RAM that increased the speed of iPhone 6s.

NOW we will talk about Apple iPhone 6s DISPLAY
Apple iPhone 6s Come with  4.7-inch Retina (1134x750 resolution) LCD Screen with the good pixel density of 326 PPI. The Biggest And Most popular Display Features is there 3D touch Apple calls 3D Touch technology it was great.

Time to talk about Apple iPhone 6s Camera
The Best camera ever even better than ever in Smartphone. The Apple iPhone 6s comes with advanced 12 MP  iSight camera that was incredible, and it will include Live Photos — allowing to capture a still photo, together that will happen before and after your that your picture, and bring it to life with just a simple press.New 5-megapixel FaceTime HD camera IS Awesome brightens your smile with new Retina Flash that makes a good pics.

Apple iPhone 6s Extra Features
The new Apple iPhone 6s will be run on iOS 9, and it Comes with a 1715 mAh non-removable battery That gives you good Battery backup. It Measures 138.30 height x 67.10 width x 7.10 thickness.The Apple iPhone 6s only single SIM (GSM) that may be not good it will accept only a Nano-SIM. Apple iPhone 6s Connectivity options include Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, 3G and 4G but it will support All Band 40  that used by some LTE networks in India that not supports new VOLTE feature)

Also see


Apple iPhone 6s Prices in India

                     on flipkart        = 40,999
                     on snapdeal     = 39,999
                     on Amazon    = 39,990
                     on Ebay           = 37,999

Apple IPhone 6s Pros and Cons


  1. Apple iPhone 6s come with 12MP rear-facing camera 
  2. Excellent 4K video recording in it
  3. Good Front 5MP camera with  screen flash
  4. Good 1715 mAh battery 
  5. dual-core processor for Best and fast performance
  6. Very Fastest software updates 

  1. That only provide 16GB of internal storage is maybe not enough for 4K videos
  2. No OIS on the rear-facing camera
  3. priced is very High
  4. only supports LTE ( NOT VOLTE)
  5. Single sim
  6. not water proof
  7. Conclusion

Because we know That new IPHONE 7 now in market so we can say that if you have a budget, then you will go on IPHONE 7 in range 37k to 40 iPhone 6s is awesome.iPhone 6s And iPhone 6s Plus also launched in market get  to review here

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