Sony's making a drone strike


now sony make its own new strike drone they comes with new autopilot technology best for future. Many drone's come in market but pepole look some different technology and sony gives new strike drone

Unwilling to leave the Parrot's has new drone range to hog all of its glory,now  Sony's is making a move into the realm of unmanned flying vehicles with there  new partnership, Aerosense.

Aerosense sees Sony teaming with they are Tokyo-based  are autopilot technology startup called ZMP Inc. to make drones that employ Sony's in-demand image sensors, which are they can used in Apple and Samsung smartphones.Sony making  drone strike,strike drone features,cons,specs,sony drone wiki

Business only

sony strike drone features

Instead, Aerosense will initially only they are offering drone services, rather than the drones themselves, targeting businesses requiring assistance with aerial land surveys and infrastructure assessmen

"The key to driving growth in these areas will be adapting Sony's innovation in there various technologies."

Sony's smartphone unit is providing resources for the drone venture. The head of the unit, Hiroki Totoki, said: "We're looking to explore new opportunities beyond our core consumer portfolio in enterprise markets.

With Sony splitting from VAIO, and its smartphones languishing behind the likes of Samsung, Apple and HTC, Sony appears to be focusing on its sought-after sensors.

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