Best Top Ten Simple and Useful Internet Tricks That You May Not Know,Internet browser shortcuts

Here again we will discuss certain shortcut keys with the help of which users can surf the internet browser in much better way.i m tell you some shortcut keys thats help you for :

  • Using Tabs for smooth browsing
  • open the last window that was closed
  • Opening link in a new tab:
  • Reloading and refreshing of a page
  • Bookmark:
  • Improvised Search:
  • Pause the video:

 1.Using Tabs for smooth browsing

Suppose user needs to open a new Tab then use <Ctrl><T>.
For closing any open Tab press <Ctrl><W>.
For moving from one Tab to another <Ctrl><Page Up> or <Ctrl><Page Down>.
Suppose user has closed some tab and now wants to reopen it then just press <Ctrl><Shift><T> user can

2.open the last window that was closed

Press “F11″ key to get full screen view of the Internet browser. Re press F11 key to  resume the normal view.
Suppose users need to find something in a web page then they can open a find tool by clicking <Ctrl><F> and thus carry on with their search.
Hold the <Ctrl> and press “+” or “-” this will increase or decrease the size of the text respectively.
Hold the <Ctrl> and press “O” the size of the text gets reset.

3.Opening link in a new tab:

 This can be done by using the mouse. Just right click the mouse and from the drop down choose the option “open link in new tab”. Another option is press the <Ctrl> key and click the link this will lead to opening of the link in a new tab. There is one more alternative wherein press the <Ctrl> key and press the wheel of the mouse keeping the cursor on the link


4.Improvised Search:

 Most of the times when user is searching for something and uses two or more words then the search engine gives a mixture of result because it considers the two words individually for its search. For eg: In case of :School help, the search will consider ‘School’ and ‘help’ as two words and give results accordingly, instead if user types “School help” in quotes then this helps the search engine to search the correct information. So by using quotes user can improvise their searches.
Highlight the address bar: Suppose user needs the access bar then just press <Alt><D>, without using the mouse one can access the address bar. One can also make use of “F6″ key for the same purpose.


 Most of the times we come across some good information and this information can be saved by using the bookmark option which can be done by using the mouse.  Now users can use the shortcut keys to avoid using mouse. Just press <Ctrl><D> and then <Enter> your page has been bookmarked for you! Further, to open the Internet bookmarked page press <Ctrl><B>.

6.Reloading and refreshing of a page:

Sometimes due to the cache issue the webpage does not come up and then users can reload the page using <Ctrl><Shift><R>. Users can also refresh a web page by pressing “F5″ key.

7.Pause the video:

While viewing the YouTube videos the easiest way to pause it by clicking the “K” key and to resume the video users would just need to press the same key (“K”)again.

There are dozens of different shortcut keys that can be used with Internet browsers. Below are a few of our top suggested Internet browser shortcuts.

Press Alt + D or Ctrl + L to move the cursor into the address bar.
Hold down the Ctrl key and press the + or - to increase and decrease the size of text. Ctrl + 0 will reset the text.
Press the backspace key or press Alt key + left arrow to go back a page.
Press F5 or Ctrl + R to refresh or reload a web page.
Press F11 to make the Internet browser screen full screen. Press F11 again to return to the normal view.
Press Ctrl + B to open your Internet bookmarks.
Press Ctrl + F to open the find box to search for text within the web page you are reading.

i think this is help to you for shortcuts in your pc after reading this share this

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