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hey you play games and you want make money from Gaming and playing games.first think it is right you can make money from games  ?.yes Realy you can make money from Gaming and playing Games.and here i
am give you full tutorial of How make money from Gaming and playing video games steup by steup.

So there  are many ways to make money from games and playing games.many games thats you could play finishe level and they will give you some amount.– If you’re here you must like video games and must want to see if you can earn a living that will support you? Well you’re in luck we’ve got more than a few ways to earn a good living that will easily support you, from just playing video games. It’s not hard and if you mix all of these together you’ll be earning big cash in some time. So pay attention and make sure you read it all as it’s a small price to pay for a life playing fun games.

there are some website from where you can play and make money online. I have found article where you can know site list and learn how to make money by playing game check article here.

So how much money could you make? Quite a lot, actually. There are examples of players making $3,000 to $10,000 a month. Note that this isn’t something that will happen overnight and jusy only few days.npw a days lot of players, are here thats are in your competition.its Just like any decent job, it requires dedication, effort and consistency. Interestingly.


You know

Chen Zhihao has earned $1.1 million in pro gaming during his five-year career.

So why not you.if you are best players so you can go in competitions of gamming bus is is at the hardest difficulty or learning the maps and how they work (if applicable), then playing with humans in online matches. If you are play game is team-based, make an effort to get to know skilled players and team up with them.
but you need to get rank in competitions and online matches etc.
After you rise in the ranks, it’s time to go public: Join one of the many e-sports teams and leagues, and test your skills in a public competition. You can win cash prizes and gain popularity, which can result in sponsorships, better streaming deals and bigger prizes.

The scound way of make money from youtube

you know how play games and also you are best player you have good controlle in your gaming.doesnt manners you play games in pc and mobile phone just you need to record your playing games.And upload in youtube after upload get views on your videovideo for more views you can share your video in social media.

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Then you can give request for google to get google adsense in your video some time laterlater when you get good views on youtube video you can get 300$ easly from your video

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