Google's Project Tango can see the world in 3D

Wao now you see the world view in 3D becouse google project tango was chane the view of world in 3D.thats was awsome when you see 3D world in your tablet.the features of tango is that it make quick a 3D model of the given map.it was to good.the British developers can finally get their Projecton Hands  "Tango" , Google's 3D -mapping tablet that uses a variety of sensors to map the physical world .
Project Tango's was first project that see the world in 3D.

Hands On With Intel and Google's Project Tango Shooter
PC Magazine
We can also check  its  little on the IFA trade show. Intel and Google announced their cooperation on a 3D -mapping phone at Intel's IDF conference a few weeks ago.
google was put some realsensor camera of intel in Tango project.this project was very important for google.goole make many project but this is was awsome of allover world pepole

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