Top tips for YouTube Optimization.how rank your Video on you tube.And earn from youtube

You want earn some money from youtube and you Dont know seo for youtube video Here we provide How to rank youtube video and seo for youtube video.

now a days youtube is a second large search engine after google becouse millions of pepole are search video in youtube
You know youtube has the powerful impact and advantages that YouTube can provide to improve your business and the different ways of using videos, even on your landing page.


Here we are provide some basic steups for incress youtube traffic

For utube ranking.Here we will privide some additional tips for how to improve your videos’ performance and make the most out of your YouTube posts:

1 First you create your own channel In Youtube

the first steup of this when you upload your video on youtube firstly you have your own channel in youtube.you have no channel in u tube first you can create the channel for incress your businesses and service.In youtube there has lots of video how can you create your own channel in youtube see it And create channel

2 upload unique videos on your channel.

when you upload video in youtube plesse shur it is unique2.
Be original and create interesting videos. Use existing material of your business such as virtual tours, flash presentations,etc

3.Video Length

The most popular videos on YouTube have an average length of 3 minutes. This means that the ideal length is between 2 and 4 minute.so keed in mind your video not longer lenth.

4.Video Description –

You can write your video descriptions liberally as the description has to be written within 160 characters then your  video can show up in the search results. and you can Start by adding a link to a website before your detailed description.than other thinks.

5.Video Title

– this part contain 50 characters, the title should also include relevant target use your all keywords linking the content. use some good and unique keywords Thats gives more of an assurity that the video title will show up in search results. Along with an engaging title, your video needs to be descriptive so that it can be easily found amongst the various videos

Social Profiles – Sharing is big factors for ranking and views on your video. ‘Sharing’ continues on a much larger scale through other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Get give link to your site

6. YouTube search results

YouTube works as a typical search engine regarding listing results. The search algorithm checks the title , the
description , the tags , the number of views , the links and ratings of the video.

8. Include a URL on your video discriptions

When you post a video make sure you add a URL before the description text. In that way, even when the “more info” option is collapsed, the user will still see the link and he/she will be able to click it.this is best for your site and your video

9. Follow the 10 commandments

ther are some basic steup for youtube seo after use these steups your video is grannted rank
you must focus on these
Include keywords in your video name, titles & description.
Build a video library to make your channel more relevant
Activate comments, rates, favorites through your channel
Add a link to your website within the description

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