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Money in the bank

Here  WWE Money in the Bank 2016 comes to us on June 19th from Las Vegas, Nevada,
Everyone excited about that matches lots of Big matches was held on the Money in The Bank 2016
On the heels of Extreme Rules, we’re on the road towards WWE Money in the Bank 2016 .

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Money In The Bank 2016 Matches

1. WWE World Heavyweight Championship

WWE Money in the Bank 2016 - Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins ...

The Big one match of Money In The Bank 2016. Seth Rollins returned from injury, snuck into the ring via the crowd, and dropped Reigns with a Pedigree.Yes afcourse mcmahon was anounced the match was now held between the Big gye Roman Reigns face to the one by one with Seth Rollins.
Be ready with the lots of action amd drama.

Money in the Bank 2016 Ladder Match

One the Best Ladder match the Money In The Bank 2016 Ladder match in there 6 man was fight in the ring for got his best title Money In The Box. The winner will have a year to decide when they’re going to have a match against the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Possible Matches in Money In The Bank 2016

one of the Big Match that was possible to anounced is John Cena vs. AJ Styles .some day ago john cena was Return in Raw.And face the Aj

Afcourse woman matches was held on Money In The Bank 2016
Natalya and Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte and Dana Brooke .was do fight on a fing with lots of action.

This is some information about Money In The Bank 2016 get in  touch with new updates of wwe.

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