PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro Prices in India Increased After Budget 2018 Customs Duty Hike


This is may be a bad news for all PlayStation lover.Sony has just Increase the price of PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro  from 10% to 20%  just because of new Budget 2018 Customs Duty .This is may be a bad news for all Game lover.The new price of PS4 Pro in India is Rs. 41,990  And PS4 Pro now Available in at Rs. 38,990 that available from February 21.

PlayStation Just released some new awesome games like "Spider Man And ‬"God of War III Remastered. Now The all new price of PS4 Slim or pro will impact all there new stock that imported into India with immediate effect.thats means is, where the PS4 Pro willcome in a Rs. 41,990 price point from the get go, and older PS4 Slim stock will in any case be accessible at its prior cost until the point that new shipments hit the nation.

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