OnePlus Concept One : With Invisible Rear Camera


Again OnePlus is going to surprise us with a new year gift for OnePlus user that is OnePlus Concept One phone.OnePlus Concept One mainly Focused on there Design, looks and especially on Invisible Rear Camera. Yes, you heard it right OnePlus Concept One is coming with Disappearing Rear Camera. it's Totally invisible till you not used your camera .whenever you click on the camera then you see a camera at the rear end.

on Back that starts with the Black glass portion running that going down in the middle of the phone rear. As we know OnePlus already teased, this one is the special features kind of glass that reacts with different voltages. yes, yes it's translucent and totally hiding the cameras, this is the next, it's completely Disappear the cameras can be seen (and used). 

As we know about McLaren and OnePlus tie-up the new Design of  OnePlus Concept One has even shown the New Mclaren car Design. that Mclaren claims they are providing the best quality leathers. same we see in New smartphone they used leather Finished at the back that gives Luxury look to the phone.

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