Coronavirus: iPhone production Expected to Be Affected if China Extends Foxconn Factory Halt


As we know China now suffered from the deadliest Coronavirus from past 1 month.And because of that various brand like Apple,Asus etc get effected on there production.we know that Foxconn is one of the biggest company that produced Smartphone for these Brands.

After Coronavirus effect to china.The china Govt make Factory to Halt.And becouse of that the Apple will be face some problems in there production.May be there smartphone goes to the out of stock.
As world Heath Organization declared Coronavirus to a world emergency the Govt of country also worried about there citizens.

Because of that may be the Halt on Foxconn be extended and that is not a Good news for Apple or other brands.
Govt will clearly say that if they still on there factory we will take serious action on them. Already more then 300 people died in China become of Coronavirus.And govt not want to increase that.Most of company like Foxconn also goes in Halt stage.
And there is no dead line for halt.Coronavirus give very bad impact to the hub of smartphone production Guangdong.

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