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McDonalds WiFi 😍: How to connect with McDonalds wifi 😘

McDonalds WiFi 😍: How to connect with McDonalds wifi 😘

Hey, Do You know Now McDonald's provides free McDonalds WiFi service in their restaurant?. A couple of last years McDonald's charges their customers to use their wifi but Now McDonalds WiFi is Totally free to use for there customers. Now you can complete your work in laptops checking emails etc over free McDonalds Wifi Wayport_Access. People are love to show what are they doing and where we are, in their socials accounts, like FacebookInstagram, etc and clicking photos while they are eating in restaurants. And free wifi creates a smile on a customer's face. In McDonald's, all network is managed by the AT&T wi-fi service provider. There are in excess of 15,000 McDonald's areas using AT&T Wi-Fi services. And over 11,000 hotspots now McDonald's wifi is the 2nd largest wifi network after beating Starbucks in us.


McDonald's is a Very popular American fast-food company.McDonald's founded in 1940 as a restaurant. operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald, in San Bernardino, California, United States. Now a days McDonald's is one of the world's largest restaurant company, That serve 69 million customers daily on different over 100 countries.

How Can I Get Free McDonalds WiFi

When Ever you visit Macdonalds and comes int he rang of wifi open your Turn on your WIFI  and Select McDonald's wifi Accept their "term and condition" to connect with free wifi.

How To Connect With McDonalds WiFi

That is a very simple process to mcdonalds wifi sign in.
Note Down that you have no need for any special id or password to connect with wifi. Below we show you step by step process of How to connect with McDonald's free WiFi.
  • Open your wifi setting on the smartphone.
  • Select McDonalds WiFi
  • A pop-up will come of their "term and condition" Check on I agree 'box' and press 'Continue'
  • Now you see the pop-up box of you are connected
  • Great enjoy free wifi

Are All McDonalds Have Free Wifi Service?

Yes, most of the McDonalds Restaurant has free wifi service. Some of them provide unlimited usage or some of the restaurant owners are making some limitations on wifi and they have their own terms and conditions.

Websites that you can't access over McDonald's wifi

McDonald's wifi uses some filters that not provide to access some websites that we have shown below.
  • Porn websites
  • Torrent websites
  • Or some pirates file downloads websites

McDonalds wifi Contact

In case you Got any problem you can contact them via the FeedBack or you can call on given Number
Current Wait: 4 mins (2m avg)
You can Contact Them via Email webteam@attglobal.net

I hope now you all know how to connect with McDonalds wifi.Now, whenever you visit McDonald's you can enjoy their free wifi service. Every restaurant needs to be sure their customers' satisfaction and McDonald's free wifi are part of that process. This is a very good step toward encouraging their customers to stay more longer by just providing free WiFi.

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