Top 5 Best Tiktok alternate that you can use


 Tiktok alternate -As we know that After the Corona pandemic most of the country hates china and doesn't want to deal with then anymore or not want to use their product. We know about Tiktok is the one of most popular China entertaining app. But after the Corona pandemic and India China  LAC tention, the Tiktok app was ban by several countries. but the trend of editing video showcases their talent in singing, dancing, acting, and comedy was still in trend. And people finding the Best Tiktok alternate that they can use the as same like Tiktok.

 Best Tiktok alternate for you

Here you see some top and best list of  Tiktok alternate that we explain one by one these are the trending alternative of TikTok after the Tiktok ban.

> Dubsmash

Dubsmash is one of the most popular and oldest applications in video editing the same as TikTok. there are millions of downloads in-store, people love to speak about their popularity today. Keeping with today's trends now Dubsmash also added more music variants, filters, emojis, and text overlays to make it more attractive or better then TikTok.

> LIKE app

Another Tiktok alternate for you that is Like the app. now a days like app getting popularity day by day because of there some best features by using these you can make a great video and add amazing sound dialog, music for creating your video. These are some of the best features that are why millions of people are using Likeen app to produce their amazing music videos.  that application also allows gives you, speed up or slow down your footage feature, you can even merge several videos into a single clip, as well as crop and trim videos.

> Vigo Video

Vigo offers amazing filters that are endless, like beauty filters that make you more beautiful the same as beauty app. you can remove facial blemishes, and give a better look to your face. One of best features of Vigo is You can earn some serious money by using this if you have good followers and your video gets a lot of likes, shares, and comments. So, you can earn good money by this.

Hope you get the best Tiktok alternate that you can use we explained every alternative app for you. in case you missing any application you can contact us and tell us about your application after review we can add your application in list.

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